• To maintain ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems,
    To reach our vision by being compatible with technology,
    To meet the demands and changing expectations of customers by following the innovations in the sector,
    To provide development and improvement,
    To always increase the quality and offer the best.
    Benefits of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System


    The main purpose of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Assurance System; It is to save the work to be done from being dependent on individuals,

    thus to institutionalize the work and to discipline the reliability and continuity of quality of any work at all times and under all conditions.

    Development of the understanding of quality
    Decrease in cost, increase in profit and market share
    Increased productivity
    Providing a management
    Employee satisfaction
    Reduction in customer complaints
    Less Service-Maintenance
    Saving on time
    Improvement in internal communication


    From the Customer's Perspective;

    Prevention of unfair competition with the development of the customer's understanding of quality
    Ease and convenience in use
    Safety and health
    Customer happiness
    Trust the company